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Junior Researcher Group


The purpose of this informal working group is to create a strong peer network for early-career investigators interested in autism research. The group will focus on the needs of this community, with the ultimate goal of creating useful resources, professional networks and new initiatives.

We invite researchers at any level, from graduate students to postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members.


To become a member of the SFARI Junior Researcher Group, apply for a SFARI profile here. Under "SFARI Member type," check "Other" and enter "Junior Researcher Group" into the field. If it’s not obvious why you belong in the network based on your credentials, please provide a note via email explaining why you should be considered for the group.

(Note that only a few fields, such as name and email, are required, but adding things such as a headshot and link to your lab page will be helpful for keeping track of one another in the group.)

As a member, you’ll be added to a mailing list to receive monthly updates and to be informed of opportunities to help shape the group’s future. Other ways to connect include joining our Facebook group page, where you can easily interact with other members on a regular basis.

If you are already a SFARI.org member and would like to join this group, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact community manager Greg Boustead at [email protected]