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  • Genetics: Chromosomal syndrome narrowed to single gene
    11 September 2012
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    Symptoms associated with a deletion of the 15q13.3 chromosomal region could result from the loss of a single gene, CHRNA7, according to a study published 9 July in Clinical Genetics.

  • Rett syndrome-linked gene maintains neuronal connections
    10 September 2012
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    A gene linked to some types of Rett syndrome is needed for the stability of connections between neurons, according to research published 4 September in Nature Cell Biology.

  • Guest blog: Premature ideas
    7 September 2012
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    A New York Times opinion column on 25 August suggested that at least some cases of autism could be considered inflammatory disorders. But this theory is still in its infancy.

  • Clinical research: Schizophrenia in family ups risk of autism
    7 September 2012
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    A family history of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder increases the risk of autism, according to an epidemiological study published 2 July in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The results suggest that these disorders share underlying mechanisms.

  • Dietary supplement may treat rare form of autism
    6 September 2012
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    Researchers have uncovered a rare, genetic form of autism caused by mutations that speed up the breakdown of certain amino acids. The findings, published 6 September in Science, suggest that nutritional supplements may alleviate symptoms of the disorder in people with these mutations.