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  • Tiny square rafts help neurons thrive in lab
    8 April 2015
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    A convoy of miniature plastic rafts boosts the survival of lab-grown neurons, using a new method that could help autism researchers easily grow many thousands of cells at once.

  • New video test assesses toddlers' subtle social growth
    1 April 2015
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    A 20-minute test enlists parents in gauging a toddler’s social development by showing them a video of how a typically developing child acts.

  • Magnetic beads map gene expression in single cells
    25 March 2015
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    Newly developed microscopic beads give cells unique barcodes based on the cells’ gene expression patterns. This faster and cheaper system could help researchers study autism in cultured cells.

  • Clever new method coaxes chromatin from living tissues
    18 March 2015
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    A new method allows researchers to extract chromatin — the DNA-protein complex that helps to regulate gene expression — from tissue samples weighing as little as 1 milligram.

  • Behavioral test taps multiple senses in mice
    11 March 2015
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    A new behavioral test that gauges how well mice simultaneously process light and sound may help explain and treat problems with this skill in people with autism.