• Questions for Eric Klann: Translating treatments for fragile X
    30 March 2015
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    Treatments for fragile X syndrome may be more successful if they block direct targets of the key missing protein, says Eric Klann.

  • Questions for Deborah Fein: Defining 'optimal outcome'
    3 March 2015
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    Understanding why some children appear to outgrow their autism diagnosis may provide clues about the biology of the disorder but shouldn’t dictate treatment decisions, says Deborah Fein.

  • Questions for Elizabeth Berry-Kravis: Measuring drug effects
    17 February 2015
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    Drugs designed to treat fragile X syndrome have yet to show substantial benefits in people. But rather than abandon them, child neurologist Elizabeth Berry-Kravis suggests a new way to measure their effectiveness.

  • Questions for David Mandell: Curbing autism's costs
    20 January 2015
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    Existing autism therapies do little to lower the lifetime costs of having the disorder, so clinicians should consider more efficient and inexpensive alternatives, says David Mandell.

  • Questions for Eric London: Alternative diagnoses for autism
    2 January 2015
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    Names such as autism, schizophrenia and intellectual disability are ‘umbrella’ terms that muddy the search for the true cause of an individual’s symptoms, says Eric London. He plans to come up with an alternative diagnostic scheme for developmental disabilities over the next two years.