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  • Stunted squeaks signal social deficits in autism model
    5 March 2015
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    Male mice with a genetic variant linked to autism vocalize less in social situations than controls do during encounters with female mice. The findings help to characterize the effects of variants in the 16p11.2 chromosomal region.

  • Landscape of chemical tags paves way for autism studies
    2 March 2015
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    In a feat that unites findings from 2,800 experiments in more than 100 types of cells, researchers have mapped the human epigenome — the many layers of code that turn genes on or off.

  • Gene networks offer entry point to unraveling autism
    26 February 2015
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    By mapping the connections between autism genes, researchers are finding clues to the disorder’s origins. The key, they say, is to begin without bias.

  • Maternal infection exacerbates genes' effect on autism
    23 February 2015
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    Children with too many or too few copies of certain genes are more likely to have autism, as are children born to women who battled a severe infection while pregnant. These seemingly disparate risk factors may work together to worsen autism symptoms.

  • Study downgrades autism gene's effects to rare glitches
    16 February 2015
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    After eight years of prominence as an autism risk gene, a new analysis significantly brings down CNTNAP2’s importance in the disorder: According to the study, rare mutations in a single copy of the gene are unlikely to cause autism. 

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