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  • Behavioral profile of DNA disorder reveals ties to autism
    26 May 2015
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    Children who carry an extra copy of part of chromosome 7 have symptoms ranging from social phobia to speech impediments. About one-third of them show signs of autism, according to the first systematic analysis of people with 7q11.23 duplication syndrome.

  • Study questions promise of bone marrow transplant for Rett
    22 May 2015
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    Researchers from four labs were unable to reproduce the findings from a high-profile 2012 study in which bone marrow transplants dramatically extended the lives of mice with features of Rett syndrome. Their sobering findings were published yesterday in Nature.

  • Buildup of gene tags may clarify timing of Rett syndrome
    22 May 2015
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    A new study may help explain why the symptoms of Rett syndrome appear 6 to 18 months after birth. It suggests that the role of MeCP2, the protein missing in the syndrome, becomes more important as the brain matures.

  • Unseen agony: Dismantling autism's house of pain
    21 May 2015
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    Some people with autism can tolerate extreme heat, cold or pressure and seem relatively insensitive to pain. Paradoxically, they may experience intense pain from idiosyncratic sources but struggle to communicate it.

  • Adults with autism are at risk for host of health problems
    16 May 2015
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    Adults with autism are at an increased risk for diabetes, depression and a number of other health problems, suggests a large survey of electronic health records.

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