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  • Autism researchers eager to use Apple's ResearchKit
    16 April 2015
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    Apple’s new tool for creating apps to aid medical research may provide autism researchers with easy access to vast numbers of study participants — and data.

  • New data implicate unusually long genes in Rett syndrome
    13 April 2015
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    Mutations in MeCP2, which cause Rett syndrome, boost the expression of long genes in the brain. The findings add to mounting evidence linking long genes to developmental disorders.

  • Corpus callosum ages abnormally in autism
    10 April 2015
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    The thick bundle of nerve fibers that links the left and right hemispheres of the brain develops differently in children with autism, a nine-year study has found.

  • Brain scans forecast language skills in autism
    9 April 2015
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    Children with autism and language problems show abnormally low brain activity in response to speech as early as 1 year of age. The findings, published today in Neuron, hint at the brain origins of language deficits in these children.

  • Genes dwarf environment in autism's origins, study says
    6 April 2015
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    The genetic makeup of an individual plays much a bigger role than environmental factors in whether he or she develops autism, according to one of the largest twin studies to date.

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