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  • Gene networks offer entry point to unraveling autism
    26 February 2015
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    By mapping the connections between autism genes, researchers are finding clues to the disorder’s origins. The key, they say, is to begin without bias.

  • Maternal infection exacerbates genes' effect on autism
    23 February 2015
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    Children with too many or too few copies of certain genes are more likely to have autism, as are children born to women who battled a severe infection while pregnant. These seemingly disparate risk factors may work together to worsen autism symptoms.

  • Study downgrades autism gene's effects to rare glitches
    16 February 2015
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    After eight years of prominence as an autism risk gene, a new analysis significantly brings down CNTNAP2’s importance in the disorder: According to the study, rare mutations in a single copy of the gene are unlikely to cause autism. 

  • Autism gene guides early neuron development
    12 February 2015
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    The little-studied autism gene ANKRD11 helps to package DNA in the nucleus and plays a critical role in the early growth and positioning of neurons.

  • Symptoms in children with autism follow diverse paths
    9 February 2015
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    Within months of being diagnosed with autism, preschoolers with the disorder may already be on distinct trajectories, according to a study published 28 January in JAMA Psychiatry.  The findings suggest that the severity of autism symptoms does not track with the ability to function in daily life.

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