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Investigator Profiles

  • Rising Star: Sergiu Pasca, scientist at play
    19 February 2015
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    Sergiu Pasca was among the first to model autism with neurons from affected individuals, a feat that could reveal the biochemical roots of some forms of autism.

  • Rising star: Stephan Sanders, accidental geneticist
    6 November 2014
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    Stephan Sanders has quickly climbed the ranks in autism research. At 35, he’s already credited with bringing a measure of clarity to autism genetics. And that’s just one feat in a long and accomplished resume.

  • Uta and Chris Frith: A partnership of the mind
    28 August 2014
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    British psychologist Uta Frith has singlehandedly transformed our understanding of autism. In partnership with her husband, neuroimaging expert Chris Frith, she helped launch the field of cognitive neuroscience and shaped a generation of scientists.

  • Tim Roberts: Sounding out a signature for autism
    24 October 2013
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    Tim Roberts knits together physics, medicine and technology to trace the origins of language processing problems in the brain, hoping to identify a telltale signature, or biomarker, for autism.

  • Elliott Sherr: Coaching teams to tackle autism's mysteries
    10 October 2013
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    Elliott Sherr is unraveling the effects of genetics and brain structure in a handful of disparate disorders that each illuminates some aspect of autism.

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