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Director's Letter

Welcome to SFARI.org, the website of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative. Our hope is that this website will contribute to the research required to make fundamental advances in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. We aspire to create on this site a knowledge nexus that enables scientists from all disciplines to understand the challenges posed by these disorders, helps them identify opportunities to make a difference, facilitates new collaborations and encourages the initiation of autism-relevant projects.

Our website staff, led by Apoorva Mandavilli, works with scientists here and elsewhere, as well as with journalists and other experts, to provide up-to-date coverage of important advances and novel hypotheses on a site that is attractive and easy to use.

One of SFARI.org’s most important goals is to provide the scientific community and the informed public with the latest news about autism research. Another is to provide commentaries and webinars written by foundation staff and invited scientists that synthesize and highlight the significance of various areas of research. A third goal is to announce new funding opportunities sponsored by SFARI. We are committed to supporting the best science internationally that addresses the many challenges posed by autism and related disorders.

SFARI.org also serves as the online home for a variety of SFARI projects that are important resources for the research community. These include large collections of well-characterized individuals with autism or with specific genetic alterations (the Simons Simplex Collection and the Simons Variation in Individuals Project), as well as tools that enable researchers to keep track of the genetic landscape (SFARI Gene), to order mouse models (Autism Mouse Models) or to order biospecimens and other types of data from our sponsored research projects (SFARI Base).

We hope that this constantly evolving site is useful to you in providing up-to-date news about autism spectrum disorders and scientific research aimed at improving their diagnosis and treatment. The scientific staff, website staff and I welcome your input and your suggestions for new resources. We also hope that you will contribute by signing up for a secure SFARI ID.


Louis F. Reichardt

Director, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative

SFARI's mission is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders by funding innovative research of the highest quality and relevance.