An annotated list of candidate genes for autism

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Access to data and biological materials from the SSC

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A wiki of autism-related scientific terms

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Brain tracker

A head-mounted device tracks both blood flow and electrical activity in the brains of moving rats.

Guessing game

A new computer program predicts the effects of mutations in regulatory regions of the genome.
Autism in the Arts

Spectrum evolution

"Neurotribes" recounts one man's quest to understand the legacy of autism.

C-section connection

Contrary to previous findings, children born by cesarean section do not have an increased risk of autism.
Conference News

Brain biomarker

Children with the autism-related dup15q syndrome have unusually strong brain waves called beta oscillations.
Conference News

Dispatches: Dup15q conference

Short reports from our reporter about developments at the 2015 Dup15q Alliance Scientific Meeting.

Knowledge matters

For parents, genetic testing for a child with autism can bring relief, support and sometimes a solution.
Cross Talk

Postdoc pipeline

We asked researchers from different generations for solutions to the scientific career crisis.
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Selfhood discussion

A study on personal pronoun use among deaf children with autism raises questions about selfhood.
Summer Institute

INSAR and present a series of weekly interactive presentations intended for junior researchers.


Ethicist Ilina Singh explores the ethics of research on infant siblings of children with autism.

What we know

Gerald Fischbach provides an overview of the current state of autism research and key future steps.


Intense pain in people with autism may remain hidden because they have unusual ways of expressing it.

Directors' Column

New blog post about the SFARI 2016 grants cycle.
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SFARI’s 2016 Pilot and Research Award RFA is now open. Letters of intent are due 9 October 2015.
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Our new look

The News & Opinion sections on are being rebranded as Spectrum later this summer.
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Cross Talk

We asked researchers from different generations for solutions to the scientific career crisis.
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William Catterall presented findings on the effects of low-dose anxiety drugs on autism mouse models.
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Spotted is a roundup of autism papers and media mentions you should know about.
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Autism survey

Take a survey to help build a community of 50,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their family members.
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