Cross Talk

  • Cross Talk: Scientists discuss selfhood in autism
    6 May 2015
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    A study on abnormal personal pronoun use among deaf children with autism raises questions about the essence of ‘self.’ But do differences in how we refer to ourselves suggest unique internal experiences?

  • Cross Talk: Debating the merits of 'autism' as a diagnostic category
    11 March 2015
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    Late last year, a provocative article about the utility of autism as a diagnostic category caused a stir among scientists. But if we do away with the term ‘autism,’ what should replace it?

  • How early should autism treatment begin?
    15 October 2014
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    The preliminary success of a therapy designed to help infants with symptoms of autism raises broader questions about the potential promise and many challenges of early intervention.

  • Should autism research focus on common or rare risk factors?
    20 August 2014
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    New estimates on the role of common mutations in autism raise questions about how to quantify and parse genetic risk. Three experts say both common and rare variants are worth pursuing.


  • Can a drug for a parasitic disease really treat autism?
    6 August 2014
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    Reports of a century-old drug that reverses autism-like symptoms in mice raise key questions about the complexity of translating promising research into real treatments.