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  • Gene defect may signal distinctive form of autism
    30 March 2015
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    Mutations in the gene DYRK1A underlie a type of autism marked by an unusually small head. The new work expands the breadth of symptoms included under the autism umbrella.

  • Sound processing skewed in mouse model of Rett syndrome
    27 March 2015
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    Researchers have traced an unusual maternal behavior in female mice modeling Rett syndrome to a neural circuit that processes sound. They have also found a drug that reverses this behavior.

  • How to make sure autism isn't lost in translation
    27 March 2015
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    With the help of Korean mothers, doctors and teachers, researchers have created a culturally appropriate translation of an information kit on autism.

  • Spotted: Gene-editing ethics; treatment turmoil
    27 March 2015
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    The creators of CRISPR call for a ban on editing the human genome, and critics weigh in on a widely used autism therapy.

  • Women with severe autism point to new gene candidates
    26 March 2015
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    Looking in families with a history of severe autism among women, researchers have unearthed 18 new candidate genes for the disorder. One of these genes, delta-catenin, plays a critical role in brain development, researchers reported yesterday in Nature.