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  • Autism as a disorder of prediction in a 'magical' world
    3 February 2015
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    A struggle to predict what might happen next could account for the multiple, seemingly disparate, symptoms of autism, say Pawan Sinha, Margaret Kjelgaard and Annie Cardinaux.

  • Mouse study bolsters case for oxytocin in autism
    2 February 2015
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    Oxytocin has long been eyed as a treatment for autism, but trials in people with the disorder have yielded conflicting results. A new study bolsters the case for the so-called ‘trust hormone’ as an autism therapy, finding that it eases social deficits in a mouse model of the disorder.

  • Spotted: Video therapy; supplement slam
    30 January 2015
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    Home videos may ease social deficits in babies, and a supplement maker is scolded over autism claims.

  • Wearable sensors aim to capture autism in action
    30 January 2015
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    Engineers and clinicians are collaborating to create wearable sensors that can track the behaviors of people with autism.

  • Noisy patterns of connectivity mark autism brains
    29 January 2015
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    A new study may have solved a decade-old debate about whether the brains of people with autism are more or less connected than those of controls: They’re both, depending on where in the brain you look.