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  • Common mutations account for half of autism risk
    21 July 2014
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    Common genetic variants that have minor effects may contribute about half the risk of developing autism, according to a study published Sunday in Nature Genetics. Identifying these variants would require tens of thousands of samples.

  • Medical records find evidence linking autism to obesity
    21 July 2014
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    Children and adolescents with autism are more likely to be overweight or obese than their typically developing peers, finds a large survey published in Academic Pediatrics.

  • Guest blog: Charting collaborations in autism research
    18 July 2014
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    Autism researchers collaborate a great deal, says Helen Tager-Flusberg, and collaboration has increased over the past five years — most likely reflecting the maturation of the field and the greater opportunities to meet.

  • Maternal factors, birth order up autism risk
    17 July 2014
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    Having one child with autism raises the odds of having a second child with the disorder 20-fold, according to one of the largest epidemiological studies so far to address the inheritance of autism risk.

  • Computer vision may aid in screening for autism
    16 July 2014
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    New algorithms can analyze recordings of infants performing tasks that gauge their attention, suggesting a way to automate the detection of autism symptoms.