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  • 'Thunder' promises lightning-fast analysis of big brain data
    14 August 2014
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    Researchers have developed a set of software tools called Thunder that can find meaningful patterns in large-scale data on brain activity.

  • Deep-brain neurons' glow reveals elements of social circuits
    13 August 2014
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    Light-transmitting cables implanted deep in mouse brains reveal connections between brain regions that control social interactions, according to a study published 19 June in Cell.

  • Repetitive behaviors disappear when autism does
    12 August 2014
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    Individuals who shed their autism diagnosis as they grow up don’t just overcome their social deficits — they also cease to show restricted interests and repetitive behaviors.

  • SFARI's funding priorities for the upcoming year
    12 August 2014
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    On 2 September, we plan to announce a new request for applications. Letters of intent, the short statements that precede full applications, are due no later than 10 October. It seems timely, therefore, to describe how we make decisions on research proposals.

  • Signaling imbalance skews sensory responses in autism mice
    11 August 2014
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    Mice modeling autism have trouble integrating different kinds of sensory information such as sight, sound and touch. A study published 31 July in Neuron reports that an imbalance between signals that calm neurons and those that excite them leads to these sensory problems.