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  • Rousing silenced X chromosome may treat Rett syndrome
    29 September 2014
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    Drugs that activate the silent copy of the X chromosome in women may be able to undo the damage from mutations in genes located there. The study, published 2 September in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offers hope for treating Rett syndrome and other disorders linked to the chromosome.

  • Inconsistency plagues studies of parent-mediated therapies
    26 September 2014
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    Many well-designed studies are testing the effectiveness of therapies parents can administer to their children, but few check whether the parents are able to follow the treatment plan. 

  • New therapy shows promise for infants with signs of autism
    25 September 2014
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    A new interaction-based therapy delivered by parents may improve behavior and language skills in infants with autism symptoms, suggests a small pilot study.

  • Method reveals thin insulation on neurons in autism brains
    24 September 2014
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    A method for measuring myelin, the protective sheath around neurons, indicates that there is less of it in the brains of people with autism than in those of controls.

  • Attention to detail may aid visual learning in autism
    23 September 2014
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    Adults with high-functioning autism excel at learning visual patterns, according to research published 25 August in Neuropsychology. The findings contrast with a report earlier this year that children with the disorder struggle with visual learning.