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  • Questions for Joseph Cubells: Folic acid's impact on autism
    7 October 2014
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    It’s been 15 years since researchers published an epidemiological study with results so striking they sparked worldwide changes in food fortification. Geneticist Joseph Cubells is revisiting the results to determine whether folate decreases autism risk. 

  • New mouse model mimics brain abnormalities in autism
    6 October 2014
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    Mice with mutations in the autism-linked gene WDFY3 have enlarged brains reminiscent of those seen in some children with autism, according to a study published 8 September in Nature Communications.

  • Latino parents misread early signs of autism
    3 October 2014
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    Many Latino parents in the U.S. know little about autism, and some have never heard of the disorder before, finds a small study. They also tend to normalize autism symptoms or view them as a sign of family problems.

  • Brain development gene emerges as strong autism candidate
    2 October 2014
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    Hundreds of genes are linked to autism, but most have not been clearly characterized. ADNP is one of a small group of genes that, when mutated, seem to lead to autism in a substantial proportion of cases.


  • Gene-editing tool can erase proteins at neuronal junctions
    1 October 2014
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    CRISPR, the genetic tool that cuts and pastes DNA, can eliminate specific proteins at the points of connection between neurons. The method, described 3 September in Neuron, could help researchers determine the role of those proteins in brain signaling.