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  • Angelman mice show impaired inhibition of brain signals
    2 July 2012
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    Mice lacking a functional copy of UBE3A, the gene missing or mutated in people with the rare developmental disorder Angelman syndrome, show less inhibitory activity than controls do, according to research published 7 June in Neuron.

  • Service impact
    29 June 2012
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    A report from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network analyzes the impact that the proposed changes to diagnostic criteria for autism are likely to have on people with the disorder.

  • Cognition and behavior: Williams gene linked to social anxiety
    29 June 2012
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    The duplication of a chromosomal region missing in people with Williams syndrome is associated with separation anxiety, according to a study published 8 June in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

  • Lack of DNA modification creates hotspots for mutations
    28 June 2012
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    The absence of a chemical alteration called methylation on some stretches of DNA makes them especially prone to mutations, according to a paper published in PLoS Genetics in May.

  • Wheel-running test assesses autism behaviors in mice
    27 June 2012
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    Researchers can evaluate core features of autism, such as social deficits and stereotyped behaviors, by watching how mice used to running on a wheel react when the wheel is broken, according to a study published 24 May in Behavioral Brain Research.