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  • Delayed diagnosis
    18 September 2012
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    Children with autism are being incorrectly diagnosed with developmental delay, and Hispanic children with developmental delay are going undiagnosed, according to a study in California.

  • Insights for autism from Williams syndrome
    18 September 2012
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    Studying the well-characterized Williams syndrome could help researchers understand autism and discover new therapeutic targets, says Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg.

  • Clinical research: Infertility does not raise risk of autism
    18 September 2012
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    Undergoing fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization, does not increase the risk of having a child with autism, according to two epidemiology studies published this July.

  • Model reveals new links between autism and fragile X
    17 September 2012
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    Mice that lack the autism-linked gene neuroligin-3 show similar deficits in neuronal connections to those seen in fragile X syndrome, an inherited form of mental retardation, according to research published 13 September in Science. Restoring the gene in adolescent mice reverses the problem, suggesting a potential pathway for treatment.

  • Crystal ball
    14 September 2012
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    Want to predict your future? An algorithm promises to foretell your success in five years’ time.