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  • Major errors in genome can be harmless
    27 February 2012
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    More than 250 genes in the human genome — about one percent of our genes — can be eliminated without serious health effects, according to research published last week in Science.

  • Adult intervention
    24 February 2012
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    A new meta-analysis shows that less than two percent of participants in studies of behavioral interventions for autism are adults.

  • Genetics:  Different mutations lead to autism in same family
    24 February 2012
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    Twin brothers who have autism carry a non-inherited duplication that overlaps with 16p11.2, a chromosomal region that has been associated with autism. Their brother, who also has autism, has a nearby deletion within 16p11.2, according to a study published 11 January in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

  • Autism in translation garners more research interest
    23 February 2012
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    Foreign-language translations of autism screening and diagnostic instruments are proliferating, but there is little research evaluating how well they work. Validation is necessary not only to ensure that children who have autism get the services they need, but also to accurately measure the disorder’s prevalence in different countries, researchers say.

  • Molecular mechanisms: Study reveals new fragile X drug target
    22 February 2012
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    Researchers have identified a new mechanism that may underlie a runaway cell signaling pathway in fragile X syndrome. The results were published 22 January in Nature Neuroscience.