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  • Molecular mechanisms: Stress pathway dysregulated in autism
    27 April 2012
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    Two studies report abnormalities in the system that mediates the body’s response to stress in two mouse models of autism-related diseases: Angelman syndrome and Rett syndrome. The results were published in the April issue of Human Molecular Genetics.

  • Large sequencing study ties autism genes to fragile X
    26 April 2012
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    Children with autism carry twice as many new and damaging genetic mutations as typically developing children, according to a new study published in Neuron. The researchers also identified intriguing genetic links between autism and fragile X syndrome.

  • Clinical research: Study suggests four autism subgroups
    25 April 2012
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    Individuals with autism may belong to one of four groups with discrete sets of symptoms, the most distinct of which includes immune system abnormalities accompanied by sleep problems and sensory sensitivity. The results were published in the April issue of Autism Research.

  • Researchers engineer mice lacking microRNAs
    25 April 2012
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    Researchers are developing a resource that will allow scientists to engineer mice lacking one of 162 microRNAs — non-coding regions of the genome that regulate gene expression. The results were published 19 April in Cell Reports.

  • Why oh Y
    24 April 2012
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    New research on children with extra sex chromosomes points to the Y chromosome's role in autism.