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  • Medical records contribute to large autism research database
    19 November 2012
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    Two healthcare organizations have pooled their data to create a registry of 20,000 people with autism, a resource that may help speed up clinical trials and other research.

  • Partial proof
    16 November 2012
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    Evidence for the benefit of behavioral treatments for autism is modest at best, according to a systematic review published 1 November in Pediatrics.

  • Cognition and behavior: Emotions confuse adults with autism
    16 November 2012
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    Adults with autism are less specific and less reliable than controls at recognizing emotions from facial expressions, according to a study published 27 September in Neuropsychologia.

  • Sequencing study uncovers new candidate genes for autism
    15 November 2012
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    A new candidate gene for autism, CHD8, may account for up to 0.4 percent of cases of the disorder, according to research published today in Science. CHD8 is one of six genes identified that together may contribute to one percent of autism cases.

  • Brain atlas maps gene expression in three dimensions
    14 November 2012
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    Researchers have charted patterns of gene expression in a three-dimensional representation of the human brain. The results, published 20 September in Nature, show that different brain regions have distinct molecular and functional roles.