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  • How do we measure autism severity?
    20 March 2012
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    Accurately measuring the severity of autism remains a challenge for the field. The answer may lie in using more than one approach that varies depending on whether it is being applied in a clinical or research context, says Raphael Bernier.

  • Bone marrow transplant alleviates Rett symptoms in mice
    19 March 2012
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    A bone marrow transplant from healthy mice to those lacking the MeCP2 protein, which causes Rett syndrome, extends lifespan and alleviates symptoms of the disorder, according to research published online 18 March in Nature.

  • Incidental findings
    16 March 2012
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    A survey asks clinical geneticists what type of incidental findings should be returned to people who have their genomes sequenced.

  • Cognition and behavior: Brain changes tied to autism severity
    16 March 2012
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    Adults with autism have regional differences in brain volume in areas that play a role in social behavior and communication compared with controls, according to a large study published in the February issue of Archives of General Psychiatry. The differences correlate with the severity of autism symptoms, the study also shows.

  • Imaging study reveals insula disruption in Williams syndrome
    15 March 2012
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    A detailed brain imaging study of people with Williams syndrome, a developmental disorder characterized by a highly sociable personality, has found a series of structural, functional and connectivity deficits that converge on a part of the brain called the insula. The findings were published online 12 March in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.