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  • Gene expression altered in postmortem autism brains
    23 April 2012
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    Postmortem brain tissue from people with autism shows differences in the expression of genes involved in a number of molecular pathways, including those that control cortical patterning, programmed cell death and differentiation, according to research published last month in PLoS Genetics.

  • Rate debate
    20 April 2012
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    Do rising rates of autism point to a true increase in prevalence or simply reflect a growing awareness and thus diagnosis of the disorder?

  • Cognition and behavior: Reward circuit abnormal in autism
    20 April 2012
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    The reward center of the brain is less active in children with autism compared with controls in response both to praise and monetary rewards, according to a study published 11 April in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

  • Giant imaging study identifies genes that govern brain size
    19 April 2012
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    The largest brain imaging study ever performed has identified candidate genes that influence brain size and general intelligence, according to research published 15 April in Nature Genetics.

  • Chili pepper protein can alter behavior of mice
    18 April 2012
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    By manipulating the location of a protein that detects capsaicin, the molecule responsible for the burn in hot chili peppers, researchers can activate subpopulations of neurons and alter the behavior of mice. The results were published 20 March in Nature Communications.