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  • Brothers and sisters
    18 December 2012
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    People with autism have fewer children than average, and so do their brothers, according to a study of Swedes born between 1950 and 1970.

  • Molecular mechanisms: Autism genes regulate cell sensors
    18 December 2012
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    Genes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders tend to be required for the formation of primary cilia — small tentacles on the cell surface that sense the external environment — according to a study published 3 October in PLoS One.

  • Study supports flawed protein synthesis theory of autism
    17 December 2012
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    A new study bolsters the idea that overactive protein synthesis contributes to autism. The findings, published 21 November in Nature, show that dampening a single overabundant protein, neuroligin-1, reverses both abnormal brain activity and social deficits in mice.

  • Autism alternatives
    14 December 2012
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    More than one-quarter of children with autism receive some kind of complementary or alternative therapy, according to a large study published 1 November in Pediatrics.

  • Cognition and behavior: Slow response to faces seen in TSC
    14 December 2012
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    Children with the autism-related disorder tuberous sclerosis complex show sluggish brain activity in response to images of faces, according to a study published 8 November in the Journal of Child Neurology.