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  • Clinical research: Autism development follows distinct paths
    4 May 2012
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    A fraction of children with autism show significant improvements in social and communication skills over time compared with their peers with the disorder, according to a study published 2 April in Pediatrics.

  • Chromosome exchanges reveal new autism-related genes
    3 May 2012
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    Large-scale swapping of genetic material between chromosomes may play an important role in autism, according to a study published 27 April in Cell.

  • Blood biomarkers can help diagnose schizophrenia
    2 May 2012
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    A biological signature in the blood could be used to aid the early diagnosis of schizophrenia, according to a study published 12 April in Molecular Psychiatry. The results suggest that various circulating immune molecules and metabolites reflect the biological changes that underlie neurological disorders.

  • Genetics: Study further implicates rare CNVs in autism
    2 May 2012
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    Individuals with autism are more likely than controls to have small, rare duplications or deletions of stretches of DNA in genes that play a role in dampening signals in the brain, according to a study published 2 April in Molecular Autism.

  • Biased search
    1 May 2012
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    Publication bias is making antidepressants look like a better option for treating autism than they really are, according to a study published last week in Pediatrics.