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  • Study links brain size to regressive autism
    12 December 2011
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    Larger brains may be associated with regressive autism, but only in boys, according to a study published online 28 November in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Genomic liability
    9 December 2011
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    The rise of whole-genome sequencing is likely to result in a deluge of lawsuits against doctors for misinterpreting disease risks, two lawyers caution in an essay in Slate.

  • Molecular mechanisms: Protein linked to autism-like behavior
    9 December 2011
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    HMGN1, a protein that regulates gene expression, leads to social deficits and hyperactivity when expressed at elevated levels in mice, according to a study published 9 December in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. This effect may result from HMGN1 dampening MeCP2 expression, the study suggests.

  • Neurons made from stem cells reveal cellular flaws in autism
    8 December 2011
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    Researchers have uncovered cellular abnormalities in Timothy syndrome by regenerating neurons from individuals with the rare autism-related disorder, according to a study published 27 November in Nature Medicine.

  • New system screens for drugs that alter neuronal junctions
    7 December 2011
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    A new technique efficiently screens for compounds that enhance or inhibit the formation of synapses, the junctions between neurons, according to a study published 25 October in Nature Communications.