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  • Cognition and behavior: Sensory sensitivity tied to autism
    10 October 2012
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    An atypical response to sensory stimuli, such as smells and sounds, may be a core feature of autism, suggest two studies published in the past few months.

  • Telling tools
    9 October 2012
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    Which test a clinician uses to diagnose a child with autism may determine whether that child meets the criteria proposed in the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

  • Genetics: RNA improvisations altered in autism
    9 October 2012
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    RNA editing, which creates multiple forms of a protein, is common among proteins involved in neuronal signaling, and may be abnormal in people with autism, according to a study published 7 August in Molecular Psychiatry.

  • New technologies may aid early detection of autism
    8 October 2012
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    Emerging technologies and software may help assess the subtle behaviors, such as gaze or social gestures, that go awry in children with autism, researchers said at the Engineering and Autism conference earlier this month.

  • Study supports 'two-hit' model for developmental delay
    8 October 2012
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    A comprehensive analysis of large deletions and duplications of DNA bolsters the idea that some cases of developmental delay and autism result from a combination of two damaging hits to the genome, according to research published 12 September in the New England Journal of Medicine.