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  • Cognition and behavior: Autism families see things differently
    7 November 2012
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    Family members of individuals with autism process faces and scenes differently than do controls, according to two new studies, one of them published in October. This suggests that visual processing may be an autism endophenotype — a measurable symptom that represents part of the genetic risk of a disorder.

  • Publishing secrets
    6 November 2012
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    Papers that are turned down by one journal and end up being published by another are cited significantly more often than papers accepted by the first-choice journal, according to an analysis published 12 October in Science.

  • Clinical research: Chromosome 15's twisted links to autism
    6 November 2012
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    Two new case studies highlight how complex rearrangements of chromosome 15 can lead to different disorders, including autism and the related Prader-Willi syndrome.

  • Workshop report: Developmental neurobiology of autism
    6 November 2012
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    Converging lines of evidence suggest that the earliest events in brain development play a role in autism. On 12 September, the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative brought together a group of scientists to discuss the latest findings on early brain development’s relevance to autism, based on studies ranging from structural imaging in children to analysis of postmortem brains and mouse models.

  • Study finds no link between autism and gut microbes
    5 November 2012
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    Contradicting a popular hypothesis in autism, a new study from Australia has found no connection between autism and bacteria in the gut. The analysis, published 20 September in the journal Autism Research, reports that the gastrointestinal systems of children with autism harbor the same bacteria as those of their typically developing siblings.