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  • Clinical research: New test yields accurate severity scores
    13 July 2012
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    Calibrated severity score, a test based on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, provides a measure of autism symptoms that is independent of age and language ability, according to a study published 24 May in Autism Research.

  • Maternal antibodies may affect brain size in autism
    12 July 2012
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    The action of certain maternal antibodies on the fetal brain may underlie the large brain size seen in some children with autism, according to preliminary findings from both monkey and human studies presented at a conference in Boston last week.

  • Expression data links gene candidates to autism
    11 July 2012
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    Identifying genetic variants that affect the expression of other genes can enhance traditional gene association analyses and highlight candidate risk factors for autism, according to a study published 16 May in Molecular Autism.

  • Molecular mechanisms: FMRP target linked to cognitive skills
    11 July 2012
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    The protein missing in people with fragile X syndrome may activate the expression of a signaling protein dubbed NOS1 during prenatal development of brain regions involved in language and social skills, according to a study published 11 May in Cell.

  • Brain's bluff
    10 July 2012
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    Studying how and when people bluff during a poker game could help us understand how people make social decisions, according to an article in Science. The same approach could also be used to study social deficits in autism.