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  • Q&A with Eric Fombonne: Are autism's rising rates real?
    15 May 2012
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    Child psychiatrist and epidemiologist Eric Fombonne digs through the latest report on the prevalence of autism, suggesting reasons for the apparent increase in the disorder’s rates. 

  • Better tools needed to assess clinical trials
    14 May 2012
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    The past few years have seen an unprecedented number of clinical trials for experimental drugs to treat autism-related disorders, most notably for fragile X syndrome. But as the trials progress, scientists are calling for better methods to measure the drugs’ effectiveness.

  • Trials and tribulations
    11 May 2012
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    Clinical trials for fragile X drugs should include a behavioral therapy component, says a parent of a child with the disorder.

  • Genetics: SHANK1 mutations found in men with autism
    11 May 2012
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    Researchers have identified deletions in SHANK1 — the third member of a gene family that is closely linked to autism — in five men with the disorder, they reported 4 May in the American Journal of Human Genetics. This is the first study linking SHANK1 mutations to people with autism.

  • Defects in carnitine metabolism may underlie autism
    10 May 2012
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    A genetic defect in the synthesis of carnitine, a molecule that is essential for proper mitochondrial function, might slightly increase risk for autism in some children, according to research published 8 May in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.