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  • Exome sequencing identifies unknown disorders
    9 July 2012
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    By sequencing the protein-coding region of the genome of a single affected family member, researchers were able to diagnose 20 percent of people in 85 consanguineous families with unknown neurodevelopmental disorders, according to research published 13 June in Science Translational Medicine.

  • Brain hack
    6 July 2012
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    The Allen Institute convened a five-day ‘hackathon’ to create new tools that take advantage of the petabytes of brain mapping data in the institute’s massive databases.

  • Genetics: Study links MET gene to emotion recognition
    6 July 2012
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    Researchers have linked the ability to recognize emotions from facial expressions to MET, a well-known autism gene, according to a study published 27 April in PLoS ONE.

  • Gene expression analysis identifies risk genes for autism
    5 July 2012
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    Analyzing how mutations in people with autism affect gene expression in blood-derived cells could help researchers pinpoint harmful mutations, according to research published 21 July in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

  • Researchers debut 'virtual microscope' for mouse brain
    4 July 2012
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    Researchers have released the first set of data from the Mouse Brain Architecture Project, which uses light microscopy to trace neuronal circuits in the mouse brain.