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  • Molecular mechanisms: Rett syndrome gene regulates RNA
    14 September 2012
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    MeCP2, the gene mutated in people with Rett syndrome, may regulate rates of RNA production in developing neurons, according to a study published 3 August in Stem Cells.

  • Autism risk gene found to alter brain wiring
    13 September 2012
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    MET, a leading candidate gene for autism risk, influences the strength of connections between brain regions involved in social behaviors, and this effect is especially prominent in people with the disorder. The findings are from a large study using several imaging techniques, published 6 September in Neuron.

  • Video technology reveals autism gait is symmetrical
    12 September 2012
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    Researchers have used a motion-capture system to show that children with autism do not rely on one side of the body more than the other when walking. Their findings were published in the 2012 issue of Autism Research Treatment.

  • Cognition and behavior: Regression marks autism syndrome
    12 September 2012
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    Characteristic symptoms of Phelan-McDermid syndrome — a disorder caused by the loss of the 22q13.3 chromosomal region — may include bipolar disorder and a sudden loss of skills during adulthood, according a study published in June in Molecular Syndromology.

  • Missing support
    11 September 2012
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    Despite the growing number of young adults with autism, few studies have looked at how best to support these teens as they transition into adulthood.