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  • Molecular mechanisms: Master regulator altered in autism
    16 December 2011
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    SP1, a protein that regulates the expression of several autism candidate genes, could increase risk of the disorder by simultaneously altering the expression of a number of the genes, according to a study published 24 October in Biological Psychiatry.

  • Studies of early development reveal immune link to autism
    15 December 2011
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    The molecular soldiers of the immune system may contribute to many cases of autism, according to a diverse array of studies published in the past few months.

  • Eye-tracking device travels with toddlers
    14 December 2011
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    Researchers have designed a light, mobile and wireless device that allows them to track infants’ gaze as they explore their environment, according to a study published in November in Child Development.

  • Genetics: Family pedigrees suggest autism gene candidates
    14 December 2011
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    Researchers have identified 12 duplications or deletions of DNA regions that are transmitted along with autism in families with a history of the disorder. The results were published 7 October in PLoS One.

  • Pharma's shift
    13 December 2011
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    Swiss drugmaker Novartis plans to close its neuroscience research facility in Switzerland, but research on fragile X drugs will continue.