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  • Mutations in both gene copies more common in autism
    30 October 2012
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    People with autism are twice as likely as controls to have mutations that disable both copies of a gene, according to preliminary research presented Wednesday at the Autism Consortium Research Symposium in Boston.

  • Social spontaneity
    30 October 2012
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    People with autism don’t look at others’ eyes or mimic their actions in everyday life, but they can do these things when asked to, according a review published 7 September in Brain and Development

  • Challenging choices: How we make funding decisions
    30 October 2012
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    Which grant applications should SFARI choose to fund each year? The principles that guide that decision are nuanced and evolve as new results emerge. But there are some clear general guidelines in place, says John Spiro, SFARI’s deputy scientific director.

  • Cognition and behavior: Children with autism struggle to mime
    30 October 2012
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    Children with autism have trouble imitating others’ actions, a trait that may be linked to their poor motor skills, according to a study published 10 September in PLoS One.

  • Guest blog: Drug zone
    26 October 2012
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    Rodent and stem cell models remain challenging for developing psychiatric drugs, says Michael Ehlers, chief scientific officer of neuroscience at Pfizer.