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  • The year in review
    23 December 2011
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    The ten notable papers picked by SFARI staff describe superb contributions that span the breadth of autism research from molecules to behavior. But we recognize that ten other articles might have been selected without loss of enthusiasm or excitement.

  • Looking back on 2011
    23 December 2011
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    There have been times in autism research when it has felt like there are more questions than answers, and progress is frustratingly slow and stilted. Not this year.

  • Genetics: Focus on 2q23.1 region reveals autism candidate gene
    23 December 2011
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    MBD5, one of 20 genes located in the 2q23.1 chromosomal region, may be responsible for the autism-like syndrome caused by deletions in the region, according to a study published 7 October in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

  • Rhode Island plans statewide registry for autism research
    22 December 2011
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    A consortium of autism researchers, advocates and educators in Rhode Island are aiming to harness the advantages of the state’s small size and tight-knit autism community to build the most comprehensive registry for the disorder yet.

  • Clinical research: Cancer drug could treat Angelman syndrome
    21 December 2011
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    A cancer drug shows promise as a treatment for Angelman syndrome, according to a study published today in Nature.