• Insights for autism from Angelman syndrome
    19 July 2011
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    Deletions or duplications of the UBE3A gene lead to both Angelman syndrome and some cases of autism, respectively. Studying the effects of altered gene dosage in this region will provide insights into brain defects and suggest targets for therapies for both disorders, says expert Benjamin Philpot.
  • Studying infant sibs of children with autism spectrum disorder
    5 July 2011
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    Studying the infant siblings of children who have autism to identify early signs of the disorder is expected to have enormous impact on the field from a clinical and a basic science standpoint, says psychologist Karen Dobkins.
  • Drug trials for fragile X syndrome lead the way for autism
    21 June 2011
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    Several targeted trials on drugs that treat fragile X syndrome are under way. But accurate endpoints to measure the drugs’ effectiveness are crucial, argues developmental and behavioral pediatrician Randi Hagerman.
  • Solving the complex causes of a multi-hit disorder
    7 June 2011
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    What's known about the genetics of autism supports the 'snowflake' hypothesis — that the molecular underpinnings of disease are essentially unique from individual to individual — says human geneticist Brett Abrahams.
  • Isabelle Rapin: Lessons from my clinic
    24 May 2011
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    Autism is diagnosed based on the severity and variety of its symptoms. This makes it very difficult to diagnose and easy to confuse with other disorders, such as language delay and intellectual disability, cautions Isabelle Rapin.