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  • Future of autism genetics should learn from its past
    9 December 2014
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    To optimize the search for autism genes, researchers should collect large numbers of sequences — but the sequences need to be of the right kind, says Michael Ronemus.

  • Tracking neurons' long projections to unravel autism
    21 October 2014
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    Many brain imaging studies of autism focus on neurons’ connections or activity, but examining neuronal tracts across the brain is equally informative, say Julia Owen and Pratik Mukherjee. 

  • Optimizing behavioral assays for mouse models of autism
    23 September 2014
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    As the number of autism rodent models climbs, it is a good time for the field to step back and consider the best practices for assessing autism-like symptoms in rodents, says Jacqueline Crawley.

  • Why inferring autism's causes from epidemiology is dangerous
    29 July 2014
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    Epidemiological 'just-so' stories, which infer causes of autism from general trends in prevalence, are in danger of repeating the mistakes of social Darwinism, says Mayada Elsabbagh.

  • The urgent need to shorten autism's diagnostic odyssey
    15 July 2014
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    With the rate of autism now at 1 in 68 people and climbing, the need for solutions that reach the risk population more quickly and effectively has never been more real, say Dennis Wall and Glenn Saxe.

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