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  • Spinning system turns stem cells into mini-brains
    30 October 2013
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    Researchers have coaxed human stem cells to develop into simplified mini-brains, with regions resembling discrete brain structures, they reported 19 September in Nature.

  • New sequencing technique may reveal recessive mutations
    23 October 2013
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    A new method of genetic analysis allows researchers to identify regions that are identical on both copies of a chromosome, according to a study published 20 September in Molecular Cytogenetics.

  • Automated tool spies on multiple mice simultaneously
    16 October 2013
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    Researchers have developed software that can automatically track and catalog the behavior of up to four mice at once, according to a study published 16 September in PLoS One.

  • Researchers grow large batches of neurons for drug screening
    9 October 2013
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    Researchers have optimized the production from stem cells of large numbers of a subtype of neurons involved in cognitive function. The technique, published 20 August in Translational Psychiatry, could generate enough neurons for large-scale screening of drugs.

  • New behavioral test uncovers autism mouse's stubbornness
    2 October 2013
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    Researchers have developed a new test that reveals complex repetitive behaviors in BTBR mice, a mouse strain with features resembling those of autism, according to a study published 27 August in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.