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  • Fluorescent proteins shine new light on cells
    17 July 2013
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    Researchers have found a new way to light up proteins in living cells, revealing the connections between neurons, according to a study published 19 June in Neuron.

  • Genetics algorithm reveals mosaic mutations
    10 July 2013
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    A new software tool detects chromosomal alterations present in only a subset of cells in the body. This method, described 31 May in BMC Genomics, may help reveal mosaicism’s contribution to neurological disorders.

  • Researchers hone efficiency of making neurons from blood
    3 July 2013
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    A new technique to transform human stem cells into neurons is faster, more efficient and more reliable than existing methods, according to a study published 5 June in Neuron.

  • Analysis probes literature for autism-linked gene culprits
    26 June 2013
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    By combining bioinformatics techniques with an analysis of gene expression, researchers have identified 30 candidate genes for autism, according to a study published 28 May in Translational Psychiatry.

  • Chromosome test reveals genetic causes of autism
    19 June 2013
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    Screening the genome for small chromosomal abnormalities may identify potential genetic causes of autism or intellectual disability in 16 percent of children tested, according to a study published 24 May in the European Journal of Paediatric Neurology.