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  • New algorithm plots genes' relationships
    17 April 2013
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    A new software algorithm called GAP measures the similarities in the function of more than 19,000 human protein-coding genes, according to a study published 14 March in BMC Systems Biology.

  • Video game device detects repetitive behavior
    10 April 2013
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    Researchers have adapted a motion-sensing video game controller to detect repetitive movements that are characteristic of autism, according to a preliminary study published in the 2012 Conference Proceedings - IEEE Engineering Medical Biological Society.

  • Mice sniff out social deficits in their own kind
    3 April 2013
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    To define appropriate social behavior for mice, which are often used as laboratory models of human social disorders, it may be best to ask the mice. This is the basis of a new assay for mouse social deficits, published 21 February in Autism Research.

  • Online tool sketches, traces and analyzes neurons
    27 March 2013
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    Show an image of a neuron to NEMO, a new free software tool, and it will trace the neuron's shape and detail the length, breadth and number of its branches, scientists who designed the software reported 14 February in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics.

  • Researchers peer into fetal brains, map connectivity
    20 March 2013
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    Researchers can use functional magnetic resonance imaging to map fetal brain connectivity during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, according to a study published 20 February in Science Translational Medicine.