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  • New genetic background elicits aggression in mouse model
    21 August 2013
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    Mice lacking neurexin-1, an autism-linked protein that helps stabilize the junctions between neurons, are highly aggressive, according to a study published 28 June in PLoS One. These mice share a consistent genetic background, which may account for this being the first social deficit seen in mice lacking this protein. 

  • Subgroups improve genetic analysis of autism
    14 August 2013
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    Researchers can increase the power of studies that link genetic variants to autism by factoring in potential subgroups of the disorder, according to a report published 26 June in PLoS One.


  • Genetic test highlights autism-linked chromosome blips
    7 August 2013
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    A new clinical test for duplications or deletions of chromosomal regions is customized to detect more than 380 known changes, including many that are linked to autism. The method was published 24 June in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.

  • New test looks at emotion recognition without words
    31 July 2013
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    A clever new test assesses whether someone with autism can recognize emotions from facial expressions without needing to name them. The test was described in the 26 June issue of Frontiers in Psychology.

  • Folding mat reveals motor deficits in severe autism
    24 July 2013
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    Using a portable mat embedded with pressure sensors, researchers have shown that adults with severe autism walk more slowly than controls do. The results were published 20 May in Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience.