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  • Automated tool records behavior of autism mouse models
    5 February 2014
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    A new tracking system automatically logs and scores mouse behavior as well as a human observer does, according to a paper published 31 December 2013 in Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

  • Eye-tracker charts gaze of children with autism
    29 January 2014
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    A lightweight eye-tracking system allows researchers to record the shifts in gaze that naturally occur during playtime, reports a study published 20 November in Frontiers in Psychology.

  • Symptom database may find patterns in complex disorders
    22 January 2014
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    The Human Phenotype Ontology project has assembled more than 10,000 standardized terms for human diseases and the symptoms that accompany them, researchers reported 1 January in Nucleic Acids Research.

  • New assay tracks active neurons in clews of worms
    15 January 2014
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    Researchers have developed a system that allows them to record the activity of neurons from as many as 20 worm embryos at once, they reported 5 November in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Catalog of symptoms aims to unravel autism diversity
    8 January 2014
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    Researchers have standardized labels for nearly 300 traits of autism drawn from 24 diagnostic tests for the disorder, they reported 27 October in Neuroinformatics. They can use these terms to search for certain traits among large catalogs of the genetics and symptoms of people with autism.