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  • Modified protein switches neurons off in response to light
    4 June 2014
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    A much-celebrated technique called optogenetics causes neurons to fire in response to flashes of light. Researchers have now figured out how to use the method to switch neurons off, reports a study published 25 April in Science.

  • Chemical cocktail renders mouse, monkey brains transparent
    28 May 2014
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    A new method for turning brains transparent and scanning them will make it easier to map neuronal circuits, according to a paper published 24 April in Cell.

  • Brain-wide map links fruit fly behaviors to neurons
    21 May 2014
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    Triggering neuron activity with flashes of light allows scientists to tie behaviors in fruit fly larvae to specific neuron groups, reports a study published 25 April in Science. The study catalogs the associations between neurons and the movements they control.

  • New algorithm maps cells to their locations in the brain
    14 May 2014
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    A new computational model predicts the sites in the brain of 64 types of neurons, researchers reported 8 April in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Massive atlas documents genome's regulatory regions
    7 May 2014
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    Researchers have sequenced hundreds of human and mouse genomes to generate an atlas of more than 200,000 regions that regulate gene expression, they reported 27 March in Nature.