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  • Rett syndrome mutation alters motor function in zebrafish
    18 September 2013
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    Mutating MeCP2, the gene linked to Rett syndrome, in zebrafish allows researchers to investigate the disorder early in development, according to a study published 16 July in Frontiers in Neural Circuits.

  • Technique probes gene expression in intact tissue
    11 September 2013
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    A new method allows researchers to highlight mutations in individual cells without first isolating the cells from the surrounding tissue, according to a study in the August Nature Methods.

  • Rats armed to catch up to mice as top mammalian model
    4 September 2013
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    Researchers have developed a method to engineer rats so that they lack a certain gene in only select regions of the brain, they report in the July issue of Nature Methods.

  • Genetic switch labels active neurons in mouse brains
    28 August 2013
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    A new method, described 5 June in Neuron, allows researchers to tag only those neurons that are active during the following 12-hour time window.

  • New genetic background elicits aggression in mouse model
    21 August 2013
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    Mice lacking neurexin-1, an autism-linked protein that helps stabilize the junctions between neurons, are highly aggressive, according to a study published 28 June in PLoS One. These mice share a consistent genetic background, which may account for this being the first social deficit seen in mice lacking this protein.