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  • Analysis of movement patterns may reveal autism severity
    2 April 2014
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    An automated system developed for tracking the movements of lab animals can be used to accurately map the activity of children with autism, researchers reported in the February Molecular Autism. When given free rein, the system found, children with autism tend to explore a room’s edges, whereas those with other developmental disorders cling to their parents.

  • Reference strains aid genetic testing for Rett syndrome
    26 March 2014
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    Researchers have established a set of commercially available cell lines that can help gauge the quality of tests for Rett syndrome, they reported in the March issue of the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

  • New technique finds mutant cells in a haystack
    19 March 2014
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    Researchers have developed a method to isolate a single mutant cell from thousands of others, they reported in the March issue of Nature Methods.

  • New molecules help researchers orchestrate brain activity
    12 March 2014
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    Using newly discovered molecules from algae, researchers can control the activity of two families of neurons in a single mouse or fly, they reported 9 February in Nature Methods.

  • Come-hither rat cry could measure social interest
    5 March 2014
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    When navigating a maze, rats move toward happy rodent sounds and away from those signaling alarm, according to a review published 4 February in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. The method could be used to assay social behavior in rodent models of autism.