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  • Software forecasts effects of mysterious mutations
    26 August 2015
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    A new computer program predicts the effects of mutations in regions of the genome that control gene expression. Researchers can use the tool, called DeepBind, to gauge whether autism-linked mutations might block the genetic landing strips for regulatory proteins.

  • Remote control for rodent behavior dispenses drugs
    19 August 2015
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    A new device lets researchers wirelessly stimulate the brains of rodents as they explore their cages, and can deliver drugs at the same time. Its use could identify brain circuits that mediate autism-like behaviors.

  • Quick questionnaire could help busy doctors spot autism
    12 August 2015
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    A questionnaire that clinicians can administer in 20 minutes, either in person, by phone or online, correctly distinguishes children with autism from those without the disorder 86 percent of the time.

  • 'Sticky-flares' give RNA traffic reports for living cells
    5 August 2015
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    Glowing particles called ‘Sticky-flares’ can light up RNAs, the molecular blueprints for protein production, in living cells. Using these flares, researchers can plot the paths of specific RNAs through a cell.

  • Marmosets that miss social cues may mimic autism
    29 July 2015
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    Marmosets exposed to an epilepsy drug in the womb do not recognize reciprocity — the social give-and-take that is a challenge for some people with autism — suggests a new study. The findings add to mounting evidence that these tiny monkeys offer clues about autism.

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