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  • Major errors in genome can be harmless
    27 February 2012
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    More than 250 genes in the human genome — about one percent of our genes — can be eliminated without serious health effects, according to research published last week in Science.

  • Autism in translation garners more research interest
    23 February 2012
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    Foreign-language translations of autism screening and diagnostic instruments are proliferating, but there is little research evaluating how well they work. Validation is necessary not only to ensure that children who have autism get the services they need, but also to accurately measure the disorder’s prevalence in different countries, researchers say.

  • Infants who develop autism show distinct brain connectivity
    20 February 2012
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    The development of white matter tracts, the nerve bundles that join one brain region to another, is different in babies who go on to develop autism compared with those who do not, according to a study published 17 February in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

  • Human neuron model tests function of autism-linked genes
    16 February 2012
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    Simulating neuronal development in culture with cells derived from human brain tissue offers a new way to study the function of autism-linked genes, according to research published in the February issue of Molecular Psychiatry.

  • SHANK2 study bolsters 'multi-hit' gene model of autism
    13 February 2012
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    By screening the genomes of hundreds of people with autism and analyzing the effects of newly identified mutations in cultured neurons, researchers have clarified the disorder’s link to the SHANK2 gene.