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  • Massive effort planned to map visual brain in mice
    16 April 2012
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    A ten-year initiative announced last month by the Allen Institute for Brain Science aims to catalog the development, structure and function of neural circuits in the brain at an unprecedented level of detail.

  • Study finds grammar tics in children with autism
    12 April 2012
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    Children with autism don’t follow certain grammatical rules, according to one of the few studies of the disorder from the field of linguistics.

  • Noncoding gene linked to autism
    9 April 2012
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    Researchers have identified a noncoding RNA, a genetic message that is not translated into a protein, that may be involved in autism. The discovery, published 4 April in Science Translational Medicine, came from examining a region on chromosome 5 that has been previously linked to the disorder.

  • Hundreds of genes involved in autism, sequencing studies say
    4 April 2012
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    The largest set of exome sequencing studies of children with autism and their families to date has identified a handful of genes that may increase risk of the disorder, according to research published in Nature.