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  • How many tests does it take to diagnose autism?
    1 August 2011
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    Only a fraction of autism studies use the gold standard tests to diagnose the disorder in study participants.
  • Fragile X protein found to regulate key autism candidates
    28 July 2011
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    The protein missing in people with fragile X syndrome regulates the activity of more than 800 other proteins, including some key players in autism, according to a study published 22 July in Cell. Many of these autism-associated proteins cluster on either side of the synapse, the junction between neurons.
  • Methylation map of neurons points to autism-related genes
    25 July 2011
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    Large-scale patterns of methylation throughout the genome affect the expression of many autism-related genes and may contribute to the disorder’s development, according to a study published online Friday in Genome Research. The study is among the first to look at genome-wide patterns of methylation in brain cells.
  • Mouse study raises questions about fragile X treatment
    18 July 2011
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    Blocking a chemical messenger — a much-touted approach to treating fragile X syndrome — is unlikely to completely reverse symptoms of the disorder, according to a provocative new study. The results, published in May in Behavioural Brain Research, show only modest behavioral improvements with the approach.
  • Experts critique statistics, conclusion of autism twin study
    14 July 2011
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    A new study of twins proposes the controversial claim that environmental influences during early development are just as, if not more, important than genetics. But the findings are not substantially different from those of previous twin studies, however, and some experts are critical of the study's statistics.