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  • Brain activity explains keen visual skills in autism, group says
    4 April 2011
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    Individuals with autism use more brainpower in regions linked to visual perception, and less in those related to planning thoughts and actions, compared with healthy controls, according to a multi-study analysis published today in Human Brain Mapping.
  • Prenatal tests for autism mutations pose ethical dilemmas
    31 March 2011
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    Genetic syndromes associated with autism are increasingly being diagnosed in utero because of techniques that can identify subtle mutations in the genome. But the technology is ahead of the ethical debate on whether and how to inform parents about mutations with unknown effects.
  • Could a virus cause autism?
    28 March 2011
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    An Italian group is investigating the provocative hypothesis that some cases of autism are the result of a viral infection passed from sperm to fetus.
  • New candidate gene may explain male bias of autism
    24 March 2011
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    A gene that regulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the brain could help explain why males are more susceptible to autism than are females, according to a study published in PLoS One in February.
  • New SHANK3 mouse shows autism-like features
    21 March 2011
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    Researchers have created a mouse carrying a deletion in SHANK3, an autism candidate gene, they reported yesterday in Nature. This is the second model of SHANK3 mutations but shows markedly more behavioral and brain defects compared with the first.