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  • Attention deficit, autism share genetic risk factors
    22 August 2011
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    Some of the same genetic risk factors may underlie both autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a study published 10 August in Science Translational Medicine.

  • New focus on repetition, obsession in autism studies
    18 August 2011
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    New studies of restricted and repetitive behaviors link autism to other disorders and may lead to more effective treatments.

  • Large study finds 'baby sibs' at high risk of autism
    15 August 2011
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    Children who have more than one older sibling with autism have a one in three chance of developing the disorder themselves, according to a study published today in Pediatrics. The risk is higher for boys: Even if they have only one older sibling with autism, they are almost three times more likely than girls with the same family history to develop the disorder.

  • Autism studies that neglect subgroups may skew results
    11 August 2011
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    Autism studies tend to focus on one part of the spectrum, often excluding those who also have other conditions such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or intellectual disability. The result, some experts say, is piecemeal findings that don’t fit together to generate a whole picture.

  • Optogenetics study boosts signal imbalance theory of autism
    8 August 2011
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    By zapping mouse brains with blue and yellow light beams, scientists have manipulated the animals' social behaviors and bolstered a popular theory of what causes autism.