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  • 'Tooth Fairy' works magic to unearth new autism genes
    12 January 2015
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    By analyzing stem cells derived from baby teeth, researchers have tracked a child’s autism to mutations in a gene called TRPC6. The molecular saga highlights a painless way to probe the role some genes play in autism.

  • Autism gene acts as 'switch' for brain development genes
    8 January 2015
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    The autism-linked gene AUTS2 activates a group of genes that may be important for early brain development. The findings, published 18 December in Nature, hint at AUTS2’s potential role in autism and other developmental disorders.

  • Surplus of synapses may stunt motor skills in autism
    5 January 2015
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    An overabundance of neuronal connections in the brains of people with autism may contribute to the motor impairments associated with the disorder.


  • Postmortem brains point to molecular signature of autism
    22 December 2014
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    An analysis of genes expressed in the postmortem brains of people with autism has identified three molecular pathways linked to the disorder. The findings, published 10 December in Nature Communications, add to mounting evidence that the myriad causes of autism converge on common biological processes.

  • Method predicts impact of DNA variants on gene expression
    18 December 2014
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    A new computational approach predicts how sequence variations in both the coding and noncoding regions of a gene affect the gene’s expression. The method, described today in Science, may help researchers understand how specific variants contribute to disorders such as autism.