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  • Distinct features signal autism risk in tuberous sclerosis
    7 July 2014
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    Children who have both the rare genetic disorder tuberous sclerosis complex and autism show a gradual drop in nonverbal intelligence between 1 and 3 years of age, according to research published 11 June in Neurology.

  • Cluster of symptoms reveals gene's link to autism subtype
    3 July 2014
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    CHD8, a gene that regulates the structure of DNA, is the closest thing so far to an ‘autism gene,’ suggests a study published today in Cell. People with mutations in this gene all have the same cluster of symptoms, including autism.

  • Access to gene sequences may be a spit sample away
    30 June 2014
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    DNA extracted from saliva is just as useful for sequencing genes as is DNA from blood cells, according to a report published in April in BMC Genomics. The easy and inexpensive method would be a boon for studies that need to sequence large numbers of people.

  • Autism risk region has broad effects on gene expression
    26 June 2014
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    Deletion or duplication of a stretch of chromosome 16, a risk factor for autism, affects the expression of genes well beyond the region itself, according to a study published 5 June in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

  • Drug for sleeping sickness eases autism symptoms in mice
    23 June 2014
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    A single dose of a drug used to treat African sleeping sickness temporarily improves symptoms of autism in a mouse model, according to a study published last week in Translational Psychiatry.