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  • New technology gives voice to nonverbal people with autism
    22 June 2015
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    A new service provides personalized voices for people who use speech-generating devices. The service, called VocaliD, could help the nearly 25 percent of children with autism who speak few to no words.

  • Body clock genes may set pace for sleep issues in autism
    19 June 2015
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    People with autism are twice as likely to carry alterations in genes that regulate the circadian clock, or the body’s sleep-wake cycle as those without the disorder. The findings may help explain why most children with autism have trouble with sleep.

  • Common glitches in chromosomes can cause cognitive problems
    18 June 2015
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    More than 10 percent of people carry deletions or duplications of DNA that diminish their intellectual capacity. The findings, based on a large study of an Estonian population, suggest that the bigger the mutation, the more severe a person’s cognitive deficits.

  • Enzyme's discovery points to new approach for fragile X
    16 June 2015
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    Researchers have discovered an enzyme that lowers brain levels of FMRP, the protein missing in people with fragile X syndrome. Blocking the enzyme may ease fragile X symptoms in people with the disorder who have low levels of FMRP and mild symptoms.

  • Cell skeleton breakdown may spur autism symptoms in mice
    15 June 2015
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    An autism-linked mutation in the SHANK3 gene alters the protein skeleton of mouse neurons. Repairing the scaffold eases the animals’ social deficits.