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  • Lab-spun spheres reveal common biology in boys with autism
    16 July 2015
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    Balls of neurons derived from skin cells of four boys with autism show shared alterations in biology and gene expression, researchers reported today in Cell. The findings finger FOXG1, a gene involved in brain development, as a player in autism.

  • Frayed nerve bundle may spur autism's motor, social deficits
    14 July 2015
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    A group of nerves at the base of the brain that govern movement appear to be structurally compromised in people with autism. The lower the integrity of these nerves, the more severe a person’s autism symptoms.

  • In mice, bullying may confound autism-like symptoms
    13 July 2015
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    Living with a large cagemate can cause mutant mice to demonstrate autism-like behaviors that researchers may misinterpret as originating from the mutation, according to a study published 15 April in Physiology of Behavior.

  • Obesity during pregnancy may not boost child's autism risk
    10 July 2015
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    Women who are overweight while pregnant have an increased risk of having a child with autism. But a new study suggests that genetics, not the obesity per se, underlies the association.

  • Early therapy may seed lasting gains in children with autism
    9 July 2015
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    Children with autism who receive two years of intensive therapy as toddlers appear to maintain their social and behavioral gains two years later, suggests a new study. But some researchers are skeptical that the findings will hold true outside of a clinical trial setting.