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  • List of gene 'hot spots' is rich with autism mutations
    16 June 2014
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    Researchers have identified nearly 4,000 genetic regions that may be critical for brain function, and harbor mutations involved in disorders such as autism, they reported 25 May in Nature Genetics.

  • Visual patterns provoke distinct responses in autism brains
    12 June 2014
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    Some children with autism have trouble learning visual patterns, and others employ a distinctive brain process to do so, suggests a study published 13 May in Developmental Science.

  • For autism research, rats may be new top model
    9 June 2014
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    Two new rat models of autism don’t roughhouse like normal rats do, and show some compulsive behaviors, according to a study published in April in Behavioral Neuroscience. The models underscore the advantage rats have over mice in modeling complex social behaviors. 

  • In autism, brain shows unusual thinning throughout life
    5 June 2014
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    The cortex, the outer layer of the brain, grows rapidly in early childhood in people with autism and thins differently with age than it does in controls, two new studies report.

  • Large study underscores role of gene copy number in autism
    2 June 2014
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    People with autism tend to carry mutations that duplicate or delete several genes at once, according to a large study published 1 May in the American Journal of Human Genetics.