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  • Tweak to molecular scissors cuts path to turn on genes
    26 January 2015
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    A new technique allows scientists to turn on the expression of any gene, giving them the unprecedented ability to explore the function of every gene in the human genome.

  • Small snippets of genes may have big effects in autism
    22 January 2015
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    Small pieces of DNA within genes, dubbed ‘microexons,’ are abnormally regulated in people with autism, suggests a study of postmortem brains.

  • Drug abates symptoms in two genetic models of autism
    19 January 2015
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    Drugs developed to treat fragile X syndrome may also work for autism because both disorders feature defects at neuronal junctions, suggests a paper published 12 January in Nature Neuroscience.

  • Surplus of neurons spurs autism traits in mice
    15 January 2015
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    Fetal mice that have too many neurons grow to show social deficits and repetitive behaviors. The finding, reported 11 December in Cell Reports, debuts a mouse model of autism that’s based on a biological abnormality seen in some people with the disorder.

  • 'Tooth Fairy' works magic to unearth new autism genes
    12 January 2015
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    By analyzing stem cells derived from baby teeth, researchers have tracked a child’s autism to mutations in a gene called TRPC6. The molecular saga highlights a painless way to probe the role some genes play in autism.

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