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  • Mystery gene uncovered in autism studies may steer neurons
    26 November 2014
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    More than 30 years after its discovery, an obscure gene called ANK2 has emerged as a top autism candidate, leaving researchers wondering about its link to the disorder. New clues suggest it may help neurons chart their path through the brain.

  • Genetics first: A fresh take on autism's diversity
    24 November 2014
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    Each child with autism is different from the next. One approach rapidly gaining momentum makes sense of this diversity by grouping children together based on their genetics, then looking for patterns in their symptoms. The long-term aim: personalized treatments for each subtype of autism.

  • Behavioral patterns may predict autism in high-risk toddlers
    13 November 2014
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    Three distinct behavioral profiles in siblings of children with autism at 18 months predict autism diagnosis at age 3. The findings, published 2 October, point to multiple developmental pathways to the disorder.

  • Trial sprouts doubts about broccoli extract for autism
    10 November 2014
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    The newest entrant in the list of unusual autism therapies is a chemical mixture extracted from broccoli sprouts. The extract seems to improve social skills in young men with autism, a small pilot study has found.

  • Rare mutations linked to severity of autism symptoms
    3 November 2014
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    Boys with autism who carry rare, spontaneous mutations have lower intelligence quotients and more severe symptoms than do those who may have inherited the disorder. The finding, published 21 October in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, hints at two classes of autism risk with varying severity.

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