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  • Method predicts impact of DNA variants on gene expression
    18 December 2014
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    A new computational approach predicts how sequence variations in both the coding and noncoding regions of a gene affect the gene’s expression. The method, described today in Science, may help researchers understand how specific variants contribute to disorders such as autism.

  • Sequencing study clarifies impact of autism mutations
    15 December 2014
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    Researchers are taking a second look at dozens of autism candidate genes, sequencing them in thousands of individuals to bolster the evidence linking them to autism.

  • Brains of people with autism show altered growth with age
    11 December 2014
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    Several brain regions in people with autism become enlarged earlier than usual during childhood and shrink too soon during adulthood, finds an eight-year imaging study.

  • Facial measurements resurface in search for autism clues
    8 December 2014
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    A group of scientists is using fast, accurate and minimally invasive measurement systems to revive the once-tedious trade of dysmorphology, or the study of unusual facial features, in autism.

  • Snippets of RNA may reverse symptoms of Angelman syndrome
    4 December 2014
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    Small pieces of RNA restore the expression of a key gene missing in Angelman syndrome and offer the promise of a highly specific cure, researchers reported Monday in Nature.

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