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  • New tools validate dish-grown neurons for autism research
    1 September 2014
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    Creating neurons from stem cells in a lab dish is a popular approach for studying developmental disorders such as autism. But how closely these neurons resemble those found in an adult brain has been unclear. Two new methods, described 2 July in Neuron, suggest that these neurons recapitulate the early stages of development.

  •  Study on 'extreme male brain' theory of autism draws critics
    25 August 2014
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    The controversial theory that characterizes autism as the result of an ‘extreme male brain’ gets fresh support from a large new survey, but critics are skeptical.

  • Large genetic deletion leads to autism, but not always
    21 August 2014
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    To characterize people who carry deletions in 16p11.2 and 15q13.3, genetic regions linked to autism, two studies published this summer looked in detail at dozens of people with either deletion. The studies found that deletions in these regions lead to diverse symptoms that only sometimes include autism. 

  • Age alters patterns of chemical tags on sperm DNA
    18 August 2014
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    The configuration of methyl groups that modify DNA in sperm change as men get older. These alterations may help explain why children of older fathers are at increased risk for neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism.

  • 'Thunder' promises lightning-fast analysis of big brain data
    14 August 2014
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    Researchers have developed a set of software tools called Thunder that can find meaningful patterns in large-scale data on brain activity.

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