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Investigator Profiles

  • Uta and Chris Frith: A partnership of the mind
    28 August 2014
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    British psychologist Uta Frith has singlehandedly transformed our understanding of autism. In partnership with her husband, neuroimaging expert Chris Frith, she helped launch the field of cognitive neuroscience and shaped a generation of scientists.

  • Tim Roberts: Sounding out a signature for autism
    24 October 2013
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    Tim Roberts knits together physics, medicine and technology to trace the origins of language processing problems in the brain, hoping to identify a telltale signature, or biomarker, for autism.

  • Elliott Sherr: Coaching teams to tackle autism's mysteries
    10 October 2013
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    Elliott Sherr is unraveling the effects of genetics and brain structure in a handful of disparate disorders that each illuminates some aspect of autism.

  • Simon Fisher: Hunting on the FOXP2 trail
    20 May 2013
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    Simon Fisher made headlines in 2001 for finding the first gene related to language. He has been following FOXP2 ever since, and has found that it is important in autism and other psychiatric disorders.

  • Matthew Goodwin: Bridging disciplines for autism care
    8 April 2013
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    Matthew Goodwin aims to use wearable sensors and computational techniques to help scientists understand hand flapping and other behaviors in children with autism.

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