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In Brief

  • Genetics: Language disorder gene linked to autism
    17 July 2012
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    A girl with autism has a spontaneous deletion in CMIP, a gene associated with specific language impairment, providing another genetic link between the two disorders. The case study was published 11 June in Autism Research.

  • Clinical research: New test yields accurate severity scores
    13 July 2012
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    Calibrated severity score, a test based on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, provides a measure of autism symptoms that is independent of age and language ability, according to a study published 24 May in Autism Research.

  • Molecular mechanisms: FMRP target linked to cognitive skills
    11 July 2012
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    The protein missing in people with fragile X syndrome may activate the expression of a signaling protein dubbed NOS1 during prenatal development of brain regions involved in language and social skills, according to a study published 11 May in Cell.

  • Cognition and behavior: Hearing delay unique to autism
    10 July 2012
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    An abnormal response to sound detected by brain imaging may distinguish children with autism from those with specific language impairment, according to a study published 30 May in Neuroreport.

  • Genetics: Study links MET gene to emotion recognition
    6 July 2012
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    Researchers have linked the ability to recognize emotions from facial expressions to MET, a well-known autism gene, according to a study published 27 April in PLoS ONE.