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Directors' Columns

  • SFARI's priorities, funding decisions for 2014 grants cycle
    3 September 2013
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    Today, we’re announcing a new request for applications. Letters of intent, the short statements that precede full applications, are due no later than 11 October. It seems timely, therefore, to describe how we make decisions on research proposals.

  • Rho family of enzymes at crossroads of autism
    12 March 2013
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    A number of autism risk factors converge on one cellular pathway: abnormal remodeling of the cell's structural systems through the signaling protein Rho, says SFARI’s associate director for research, Alan Packer.

  • Challenging choices: How we make funding decisions
    30 October 2012
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    Which grant applications should SFARI choose to fund each year? The principles that guide that decision are nuanced and evolve as new results emerge. But there are some clear general guidelines in place, says John Spiro, SFARI’s deputy scientific director.

  • Pick of the litter
    25 September 2012
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    New genetic variants that increase susceptibility to autism are emerging at a rapid pace. Given the profusion of data, it seems timely to assess the availability and usefulness of mouse models in which to study these genetic risk factors.

  • RAS pathway, a potentially unifying theory of autism
    13 March 2012
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    Dysregulation of the intracellular signaling pathway RAS, a risk factor for idiopathic autism, may provide a unifying theory of the disorder. Although this is not an altogether new hypothesis, several new findings have strengthened the evidence for it considerably.