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  • Why we must be patient when searching for an autism biomarker
    7 November 2014
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    Many studies have found differences in the brains of young infants later diagnosed with autism. But to call this a biomarker requires independent validation, time and patience, says Helen Tager-Flusberg.

  • Connections: The elusive essence of autism
    28 January 2014
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    Researchers must make heterogeneity in autism the object of their investigation, rather than treating it as an excuse for inconsistent results or an inconvenience in their quest to understand the disorder’s essence, argues Jon Brock.

  • Connections: Registered reports
    14 June 2013
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    The more researchers poke around, the more likely they are to find a significant effect — and the more likely that the effect they end up reporting is just a fluke. A new kind of journal article, the 'registered report,' may address this problem, says Jon Brock.

  • Connections: Six questions for connectivity theory research
    22 March 2013
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    'Underconnectivity' is considered one of the best-supported theories for the neural basis of autism. But many questions remain unanswered, says Jon Brock.

  • Connections: Perfect match
    5 March 2013
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    Researchers must use better measures to show that experimental and control groups are well matched, says Jon Brock.