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  • Guest blog: Individual traits predict outcomes in autism
    22 April 2014
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    The best predictors of treatment outcomes for children with autism may be subtle learning characteristics that are not specific to children with the disorder, rather than the symptoms that led to their diagnosis, say David Trembath and Giacomo Vivanti.

  • Simple questionnaire may improve early detection of autism
    18 April 2014
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    A set of six questions about child development can identify parental biases and help to improve the accuracy of a commonly used autism test, according to a study published 30 March in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

  • Guest blog: A cautionary tale for autism drug development
    15 April 2014
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    Poorly designed animal drug studies for motor disorders have led to spurious conclusions for the clinical trials that follow. This may be even more true for autism research, says Michael Ehlers.

  • Study implicates obese fathers in children’s autism risk
    11 April 2014
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    The children of obese fathers may be at a 53 percent higher risk of autism than children whose fathers are a healthy weight, reports a large Norwegian study published 7 April in Pediatrics.

  • New tests extend prospects for 'reading the mind in the eyes'
    8 April 2014
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    Researchers have revamped a screen for ‘mind blindness’ — an impaired understanding of others’ intentions and perspectives — which is a key deficit in autism. The revised test may shed light on how autism develops.


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