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  • Guest blog: Communication lapses hinder autism research
    24 October 2014
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    The term ‘deficit model’ traditionally means treating people with autism by focusing on their limitations rather than their strengths. Chris Gunter introduces the deficit model in a different context: science communication.

  • Study catches autism signs in ball skills
    21 October 2014
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    Children with autism are more likely to have trouble catching a ball than their unaffected peers or those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • Searching for psychiatrists with expertise in autism
    17 October 2014
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    There is an urgent need for psychiatrists who are trained to care for individuals with autism. Matthew Siegel calls for a formal training program in autism for psychiatrists.


  • Studies struggle to pin down gender differences in autism
    14 October 2014
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    Two new studies, both by reputable teams of researchers, report that there are no detectable differences between boys and girls with autism.

  • Restricted behaviors link autism, attention deficit
    10 October 2014
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    Restricted behaviors in autism represent a genetic link with inattention and hyperactivity in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, say Tinca Polderman and Henrik Larsson.

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