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  • Remembering Paul Patterson (1944-2014)
    29 July 2014
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    Paul H. Patterson, a transformative figure in autism research, died on 25 June. His groundbreaking discoveries advanced novel paradigms in neuroscience and immunology, and introduced concepts that will continue to be developed by researchers worldwide.

  • Guest blog: Rett outcome is improving with time
    25 July 2014
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    By treating the medical complications that accompany Rett syndrome, women with the disorder are living longer than ever before, says Alan Percy. 

  • Guest blog: Schizophrenia milestone holds lessons for autism
    21 July 2014
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    A long-awaited report, published today in Nature, confirms that with access to tens of thousands of genomes, researchers can identify common genetic risk factors for a complex neuropsychiatric disorder.

  • Guest blog: Charting collaborations in autism research
    18 July 2014
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    Autism researchers collaborate a great deal, says Helen Tager-Flusberg, and collaboration has increased over the past five years — most likely reflecting the maturation of the field and the greater opportunities to meet.

  • Remembering Lorna Wing (1928-2014)
    15 July 2014
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    Lorna Wing, who died in June, was the modest, kind and thoughtful mother of a daughter with severe autism. She was also a towering figure in the history of autism research, and her contributions to our understanding of autism cannot be overestimated.

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