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  • Researchers to journalists: Stop blaming mothers
    19 August 2014
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    When covering research on prenatal risk factors, are journalists too quick to blame the mother?

  • Guest blog: London as a crucible for autism in the 1950s
    15 August 2014
    Comments ( 1 )

    Autism pioneer Uta Frith reminisces about dramatic shifts in British researchers’ understanding of autism that effectively ended the institutionalization of children with the disorder.

  • Repetitive behaviors disappear when autism does
    12 August 2014
    Comments ( 2 )

    Individuals who shed their autism diagnosis as they grow up don’t just overcome their social deficits — they also cease to show restricted interests and repetitive behaviors.

  • Parents' mental illness raises risk of autism
    8 August 2014
    Comments ( 4 )

    Severe mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in a parent significantly ups autism risk.

  • Active or at rest, brain conducts similar symphonies
    5 August 2014
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    Researchers measure how brain networks work together by scanning volunteers' brains either while they're resting passively or while they're engaged in a task. A study published 2 July in Neuron argues that the networks activated in these two scenarios are more similar than previously thought.

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