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  • Sequencing may offer smoother sailing in diagnostic odyssey
    16 December 2014
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    Getting to a diagnosis of autism or another neurodevelopmental disorder is a long and frustrating experience for some families — especially when it comes to finding the underlying genetic cause. DNA sequencing could ease this arduous journey.

  • Guest blog: Gauging intelligence in autism over time
    12 December 2014
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    Adapting traditional tests of intelligence for people with intellectual disability can deflate their scores over time. Somer Bishop calls for tests that more accurately assess intelligence in this group.

  • Risperidone has no effect on core symptoms of autism
    9 December 2014
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    Risperidone can ease irritability in people with autism, but has no effect on repetitive behaviors, social impairments or communication deficits, according to a study published 19 November.

  • Guest blog: Understanding aggression in autism
    5 December 2014
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    Two new studies explore the link between autism and aggression — a controversial connection that weighs heavily on individuals with the disorder and their families.

  • New method helps resolve conflicting autism diagnoses
    2 December 2014
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    New guidelines aim to help clinicians diagnose autism when standardized diagnostic tests produce mixed results for the same child.

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