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Autism in the Arts

  • Book review: Meet one person with autism
    15 November 2013
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    Taken at face value, a new translated memoir by a child with severe autism suggests that our official consensus needs a rethink, writes clinical psychologist William Mandy.


  • Documentary review: 'Le Mur' ('The Wall')
    28 February 2012
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    The French documentary Le Mur (The Wall) shows that many psychoanalysts in France shun biological explanations for autism.

  • Book review: Autism's twisted immune links, untangled
    2 January 2012
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    Research on the immune system’s link to autism and other psychiatric disorders is rich and varied — from massive epidemiological studies of twins and pregnant women, to the screening of immune molecules in amniotic fluid and postmortem studies of brain inflammation. In his new book, Paul Patterson lays out this complicated work clearly and concisely, with little editorializing.

  • Theater review: The lion roars, quietly
    7 October 2011
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    A special performance on Sunday of The Lion King created a comfortable environment for children with autism and their families to enjoy the theater.

  • Documentary review: 'Wretches and Jabberers'
    10 May 2011
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    A new documentary blasts misperceptions about nonverbal people with autism, showing that they are capable of intelligence, wit and empathy even as their disorder chains them "like a beast."