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  • Spotted: Screening stance; outlawed words
    28 August 2015
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    The debate about autism screening resurges, and psychologists want to blacklist the term ‘autism epidemic.’

  • Brain hormone levels linked to social deficits in autism
    28 August 2015
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    Children with autism who have low brain levels of vasopressin have trouble understanding others people’s thoughts. The findings suggest that boosting the hormone’s levels could improve social functioning in some children with autism.

  • Training program for teens with autism gets cultured
    27 August 2015
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    Translating autism interventions for different cultures is a tricky task. One success story is the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills, which has reached at least 20 countries in a dozen languages.

  • Software forecasts effects of mysterious mutations
    26 August 2015
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    A new computer program predicts the effects of mutations in regions of the genome that control gene expression. Researchers can use the tool, called DeepBind, to gauge whether autism-linked mutations might block the genetic landing strips for regulatory proteins.

  • Book review: "Neurotribes" recovers lost history of autism
    25 August 2015
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    Steve Silberman’s new book, “Neurotribes,” recounts his 15-year quest to understand "the legacy of autism."

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