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  • Girls with mild autism prone to severe epilepsy
    27 July 2015
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    Girls with autism are nearly three times as likely as boys with the disorder to have severe epilepsy that responds poorly to medication. The findings add a twist to one of the biggest conundrums in autism: its 4-to-1 ratio of boys to girls.

  • Spotted: CRISPR crisis; tools of the trade
    24 July 2015
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    Editing the genome has never been easier, and theories about the brain are inextricably tied to technology.

  • Test detects unusual sense of smell in children with autism
    24 July 2015
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    Children with autism may not inhale sweet and foul scents through their noses the way other children do.

  • Problems decoding audio? Sounds like autism
    23 July 2015
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    Difficulty processing sound distinguishes children with autism from those with sensory processing disorder, a catch-all label for sensory abnormalities, according to a new study. The results suggest that among children with sensory problems, the exact nature of the sensory problem determines the diagnosis.

  • Online tool boosts efficiency of popular gene editing method
    22 July 2015
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    A new software application allows researchers to more efficiently edit genes using the popular method CRISPR.

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