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  • Remembering Paul Patterson (1944-2014)
    29 July 2014
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    Paul H. Patterson, a transformative figure in autism research, died on 25 June. His groundbreaking discoveries advanced novel paradigms in neuroscience and immunology, and introduced concepts that will continue to be developed by researchers worldwide.

  • Why inferring autism's causes from epidemiology is dangerous
    29 July 2014
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    Epidemiological 'just-so' stories, which infer causes of autism from general trends in prevalence, are in danger of repeating the mistakes of social Darwinism, says Mayada Elsabbagh.

  • Autism gene affects brain function early in development
    28 July 2014
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    Mutations in a gene linked to intellectual disability and sometimes autism may lead to a permanent boost in brain activity, according to a study published 18 June in Neuron.

  • Guest blog: Rett outcome is improving with time
    25 July 2014
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    By treating the medical complications that accompany Rett syndrome, women with the disorder are living longer than ever before, says Alan Percy. 

  • Severity metric helps studies address autism's variability
    23 July 2014
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    A new method for measuring severity in disorders such as autism can help researchers correct for the widely varying autism symptoms in the study participants, according to a paper published 2 May in NeuroImage.

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