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  • SHANK3 mutations turn up in high proportion of autism cases
    18 September 2014
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    About 2 percent of people who have both autism and intellectual disability carry harmful mutations in SHANK3, a protein that helps organize the connections between neurons, according to a study published 4 September in PLoS Genetics.

  • Combo of collagen, silk scaffold nurtures brain-like tissue
    17 September 2014
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    Bioengineers have built a donut-shaped scaffold that supports the growth of brain-like tissue, they reported 11 August.

  • New clues connect altered patterns of DNA tags to autism
    16 September 2014
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    Methyl tags on DNA are distributed differently in postmortem brains from people with autism than in control brains, and mouse pups can inherit altered methylation from their older fathers, report two new studies.

  • Roots of language troubles, autism traits may diverge
    15 September 2014
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    The genetic and environmental factors that underlie difficulties with language differ from those that influence other autism traits, according to a new study of more than 3,000 twin pairs. The study, published 2 August in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, suggests that difficulty with language is not a core symptom of autism.

  • Infants with autism smile less at 1 year of age
    12 September 2014
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    By the time they turn 1, infants who are later diagnosed with autism smile less often than those who do not develop the disorder, according to a study published 13 August in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

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