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  • Change brings challenges for people with autism
    19 December 2014
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    Individuals with autism may become overwhelmed by rapidly changing circumstances, particularly if they need to use social cues to navigate those changes.

  • Method predicts impact of DNA variants on gene expression
    18 December 2014
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    A new computational approach predicts how sequence variations in both the coding and noncoding regions of a gene affect the gene’s expression. The method, described today in Science, may help researchers understand how specific variants contribute to disorders such as autism.

  • Method isolates protein complexes from neuronal junctions
    17 December 2014
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    Researchers have for the first time isolated and characterized protein complexes found at the points of connection between neurons. Mutations in some of these proteins are linked to autism.

  • Sequencing may offer smoother sailing in diagnostic odyssey
    16 December 2014
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    Getting to a diagnosis of autism or another neurodevelopmental disorder is a long and frustrating experience for some families — especially when it comes to finding the underlying genetic cause. DNA sequencing could ease this arduous journey.

  • Sequencing study clarifies impact of autism mutations
    15 December 2014
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    Researchers are taking a second look at dozens of autism candidate genes, sequencing them in thousands of individuals to bolster the evidence linking them to autism.

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