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  • Uta and Chris Frith: A partnership of the mind
    28 August 2014
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    British psychologist Uta Frith has singlehandedly transformed our understanding of autism. In partnership with her husband, neuroimaging expert Chris Frith, she helped launch the field of cognitive neuroscience and shaped a generation of scientists.

  • Method reveals relationship between white, gray matter
    27 August 2014
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    A new technique helps researchers trace the nerve fibers that connect brain regions by revealing how the fibers physically relate to curves and folds on the brain’s surface. The method was described 8 July in Medical Image Analysis.

  • In fragile X syndrome, coping skills decline with age
    26 August 2014
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    As they age, children with fragile X syndrome may become worse at adapting to change, according to a study published 28 July in Pediatrics.

  • Questions for James Noonan: Tracking a candidate gene's rise
    26 August 2014
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    Geneticist James Noonan explains how the complex function of CHD8, the leading candidate for autism risk, points to a way to unravel the mechanisms underlying autism.

  •  Study on 'extreme male brain' theory of autism draws critics
    25 August 2014
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    The controversial theory that characterizes autism as the result of an ‘extreme male brain’ gets fresh support from a large new survey, but critics are skeptical.

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