An annotated list of candidate genes for autism

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A wiki of autism-related scientific terms

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Spongy structure

A donut-shaped silk scaffold with a collagen gel center can support the growth of brain-like tissue.  

Transformative tags

Papers reveal changes in DNA modification in autism and theorize about where such alterations originate.

Scant smiles

By 1 year of age, infants with autism smile less often than those who do not develop the disorder.

DNA disruptions

An algorithm detects large DNA insertions and deletions in the genome’s protein-coding regions.
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Common perspectives

New estimates on the role of common mutations in autism raise questions about how to parse genetic risk.
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Critical window

Drugs designed to treat Angelman syndrome may alleviate symptoms only if given during a ‘critical period.’
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Suramin perspectives

A study that reverses autism-like symptoms in mice highlights the complexity of translational research.
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Altered tags

Children who have autism may have atypical patterns of chemical tags on DNA in autism-linked genes.
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Sensory profile

A new questionnaire may help assess sensory problems, such as sensitivity to light, in adults with autism.

Computer algorithms aid in autism screening by tracking movements in videos of children undergoing tests.


Inferring autism causes from trends in prevalence repeats social Darwinism, says Mayada Elsabbagh.

What we know

Gerald Fischbach provides an overview of the current state of autism research and key future steps.

Investigator Profiles

Along with her husband, Uta Frith helped launch cognitive neuroscience and shaped a generation of scientists.


Letters of intent are due by 10 October for SFARI's new Pilot and Research Awards.
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On 23 September, Nancy Kanwisher will discuss the functional architecture of the social brain and autism.
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Cross Talk

New estimates on the role of common mutations in autism raise questions about how to parse genetic risk.
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Watch the complete replay of Robert Malenka's webinar on the molecular underpinnings of social reward.
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