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Cell bank

Researchers have created a repository of cell lines from people with autism and related disorders.

Tricky timing

Children born too soon or too long after their siblings have an increased autism risk, a new study finds.
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Word clues

Children who develop autism grasp different words at 12 months than their typically developing peers.

Communication deficit  

Effectively engaging the public in autism research requires a shift in approach, Chris Gunter says.
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Seizure switch

Mice with an extra copy of UBE3A show abnormal social behavior after experiencing recurrent seizures.

DNA differences

A new online database details how variations in DNA sequence shape gene expression in the human brain.
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Early perspectives

The promise of a new therapy for infants with signs of autism raises questions about early intervention.
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Common views

New estimates on the role of common mutations in autism raise questions about how to parse genetic risk.
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Altered tags

Children who have autism may have atypical patterns of chemical tags on DNA in autism-linked genes.
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Much of the genetic risk for autism may be hidden in regulatory regions of the genome, not just in coding regions.


It is a good time for researchers to consider the best practices for assessing autism mouse models.

What we know

Gerald Fischbach provides an overview of the current state of autism research and key future steps.

Q & A

Geneticist Joseph Cubells is revisiting a Chinese study to determine whether folate decreases autism risk.

Cross Talk

The promise of a new therapy for infants with signs of autism raises questions about early intervention.
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Watch the replay of David Amaral and Alison Singer’s webinar on the potential of postmortem brain research for understanding autism.
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