An annotated list of candidate genes for autism

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Grading genes

A new method confidently ranks genes based on their likely impact in a disorder, such as autism.
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Repetitive circuits  

Brain structure changes in infancy forecast repetitive behaviors in toddlers diagnosed with autism.  
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Power surge

A statistical trick can help researchers home in on subtle genetic blips that contribute to autism.

Parental control

An intensive training program for parents may help ease problem behaviors in children with autism.

Raising concerns

Parents can spot early signs of autism in their children but doctors don’t always listen to their concerns.

Colorful connections

A new method lets researchers trace the paths of many neurons at once using dyes in a rainbow of hues.
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Selfhood discussion

A study on personal pronoun use among deaf children with autism raises questions about selfhood.
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Category shuffle

An editorial questioned the utility of autism as a diagnostic category, causing a stir among scientists.
Autism in the Arts

Curious experience

A Broadway play provides a dazzling glimpse into one boy’s unusual way of interacting with the world.
Summer Institute

INSAR and present a series of weekly interactive presentations intended for junior researchers.


Declarative memory may help people learn scripts and strategies that can compensate for autism symptoms.

What we know

Gerald Fischbach provides an overview of the current state of autism research and key future steps.


Research reveals how everyday social interactions contribute to autism, and may offer new treatments.

IMFAR 2015

View our full coverage of the International Meeting for Autism Research in Salt Lake City.
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Spotted is a roundup of autism papers and media mentions you should know about.
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On 27 May, Jonathan Sebat will dissect similarities and differences between autism and schizophrenia at the genetic level.
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Autism survey

Please take a survey to help the foundation build a community of 50,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their family members.
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Cross Talk

A study on personal pronoun use among deaf children with autism raises questions about selfhood.
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